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You have more in you.

I help ignite the strongest YOU.
Supercharged with confidence, creativity, and resilience
to launch your next big idea or personal transformation.

My mission is to help you achieve what I did for myself.  
Are you ready to unlock your true potential?

You have endured adversities, personal struggles, or emotional challenges. Perhaps physical or psychological disabilities. You have overcome setbacks and catastrophes. Yet your ambition and vision cannot be extinguished. You are defined by what you have overcome, what you navigate, and how you show up. Transform what has held you back into fuel to propel you to new heights. Let go of self-doubt and give chance a chance to reach new milestones, new levels of confidence. Use the texture of your ordeals to spark creativity to sculpt a stronger, more engaging, driven version of you unleashed with new vibrance. As an empowerment and transformational coach, I will lead you on this journey to unveil the you that was always in you.

Are you or is your team being hindered because of-

  • Struggles with personal or professional relationship conflicts?

  • low confidence or self esteem challenges?

  • Struggles to overcome the effects of adversity?

  • Secret battles of feeling inadequate?

  • Troubles speaking up or getting opinions validated at work?

  • Difficulty communicating with or engaging colleagues or employees?

  • Struggles with being commanding or persuasive?


If these challenges are hindering you or your team, I can help break the shackles of what's holding you back, ignite creativity, and fuel confidence
to reveal new potential and success.

• Expert guidance to improve team dynamics.

• Proven strategies to navigate interpersonal conflicts among employees.

• Increased team morale and productivity.

• Strengthened team cohesion and improved performance.

• Innovative approaches to foster creativity, innovation, and problem-solving.

• Techniques to cultivate a harmonious and supportive work environment built on collaboration.

• Cultivation of an empowered organizational culture.

Confidence: Define Values and Purpose

Cultivate a profound understanding of personal strengths and assets, leading to enhanced confidence to command the respect and admiration of peers.

Relationship success: Rediscover trust, respect, and resolution.

Overcome struggles of conflict, loss of trust, infidelity, frustration, and doubt to rebuild a relationship based on trust, respect, and love.


Courage: Discover Untapped Potential

Unlock their hidden capabilities and enhance team or organizational potential through bold and courageous actions, fostering growth and achievement.

STORYLIZE: Launch your mission or initiative with storytelling

Unleash your creative potential and spark imaginative strategies. Harness the power of storytelling that resonates and compels your target audience

Compassion: Lead with Empathy

Gain the trust and respect of colleagues and employees by understanding their needs and serving them so they are driven to excel.

Communication: Empower Persuasion Skills

Elevate your engagement and persuasion skills, ensuring effective communication in both personal and professional spheres.

Self-Esteem: Challenge Limiting Beliefs

Break free from self-imposed limitations, boost self-confidence, and unleash your full potential by challenging and overcoming limiting beliefs.

Resilience and Adaptability: Cultivate Confidence in Change

Embrace change and uncertainty, developing resilience and adaptability to confidently navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

Raj Coaching will enable YOU & YOUR TEAM to build:


Andrea F (previous client)

"There are no words to describe how [Raj] made me feel. There's no judgment and he gives you his all. You can see it in his eyes and his demeanor that he cares with compassion and genuinely wants to help you. You will be heard. He doesn't rush it. I'm in awe right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

You are worthy
of your best self. 

My coaching is focused on guiding you to ignite inner strength, squash inner bullies, and unleash profound confidence so that individuals bring out their best version of themselves like never before. Through these strategies and insights, you will gain tools to nurture successful, vibrant relationships in your professional and personal life while staying true to your authentic self. 


Individuals will experience profound personal growth that permeates every aspect of their lives. The transformative journey within my coaching program empowers individuals to unlock their full potential in their professional and romantic relationships, family life, career, school, business ventures, and communities. In essence, they will feel greater confidence and self-assurance to take on the world.

Successful Woman
Concrete Wall
"Employees dealing with personal struggles are 3 times more likely to experience decreased productivity and engagement at work compared to their peers without such struggles."

(American Psychological Association)

Tap into your team's greatest potential.

Young Businessman
confident team

What hinders
full potential?

Conflict Resolution Struggles

Difficulty in navigating conflicts productively, leading to unresolved issues and strained relationships.


Communication Challenges

Inability to communicate effectively, resulting in misunderstandings and a lack of influence.


Engagement Inability

Struggling to engage others due to a lack of creativity and compelling presence, causing missed opportunities to inspire and lead.


Adversity Struggles:

Difficulty in leveraging adversity, leading to a lack of resilience and an inability to thrive in challenging situations.

“Confidence really does breed success. Confidence is serious business,
and the single most important differentiator in the workplace.” 

(Author Bonnie Low-Kramen)


A Transformative Journey. 
With an ally.

My coaching program takes clients on a personal one-on-one journey via Zoom conversations consisting of strategies, insights, deeply personal reflections, challenging activities, and profound discoveries while empowering them with encouragement, motivation, accountability, and key insights.

Resolve relationship conflicts and negativity.

Reframe adversities, empower, and ignite transformation.

Clarify and distill goals and ambitions.

Strategize and implement new patterns of thinking.

Embolden self-image and confidence.

Empower your personal and professional relationships.

Together we will

Successful leader
Raj roles2.jpg

Hi, I'm Raj, the short guy who makes people feel tall!

I'm also screwed! Literally. I have screws in my neck (so I'm partially recyclable). I have wrestled a spinal disorder, spinal surgeries, and a disability most of my life. But it wasn't my disability that disabled me. What truly disabled me and robbed me of my potential and happiness was the story that I had crafted about myself. A story of not-enoughness. 

Then, I reframed my adversity and harnessed an empowering story of who I was. I discovered the power of courage, compassion, creativity, and confidence. I unscrewed myself. I saw profound change in my life. I became a professor, filmmaker, creative executive, and an empowerment coach. 

Now, as a transformational and empowerment expert, I am
driven to help others break free of what holds them back so that they can find the strongest version of themselves. I relay skills of overcoming adversity, building confidence and self esteem, conflict resolution, effective communication, motivation, and resilience to my clients.


I want to empower you, your team, or your organization with my distinctive coaching methodology to tap into unseen potential while cultivating happiness and gratitude.


Mathew K

Working with Rajeev was great. I felt very comfortable opening up to him and allowing him to assist when I felt unable to push further in my endeavors. Rajeev is great at identifying strengths and then motivating you within those strengths. He helped me reach my best potential and surpass my personal goals. I would recommend him to anyone seeking extra guidance.

Samantha E

Raj is phenomenal! He is understanding and makes it a point to be of great support in finding resolutions. He is very easy to converse with and allows you to feel open with expressing your feelings and thoughts. He is a great individual to even know. I would greatly recommend him if you’re looking to seek help in bettering yourself and/or your relationship. It is truly a blessing to have him as a part of your support in your journey.

Heather B

I truly enjoyed working with Raj. He has an incredible life story and valuable experiences to draw advice from. He listened carefully and offered profound advice. His sense of humor is like no other. The whole experience felt like a friendship without any fear of judgement. I highly recommend Raj to anyone.

Natasha B

Raj is a great support and is quickly becoming one of my daughter's favorite people. He easily builds connections and is relatable. He shares relevant life experiences and really listens and makes her feel comfortable.

Ceionn B

Raj was very helpful to the start of my reconciliation with my wife. I highly recommend anyone who’s in need of therapy to contact Raj. He asked the right questions and set the tone for a good therapy session.

Danielle B

There’s so much I can say about my experience with Raj, he has been absolutely amazing and such an asset to my current situation. I’m so glad I found him, he’s like speaking to a best friend but who understands both sides, gives ideas and advice on how to move forward in a healthy way. He’s non judgmental, and really cares for the success of both people. He’s truly a blessing! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done Raj, I’m so happy to work with you.

Mikayla J

Raj was a big inspiration for me. He was always so thoughtful, generous, and considerate. He was alwyas very professional but made it a point to get to know his students on a personal level as well. Raj always has enthusiasm for his work, a passion for his students, and the ability to add creativity to every situation. His dedication to his work and students has always been impressive.

Jeremy E

First and foremost, Raj is an absolutely fantastic human being! In my search for guidance and encouragement in becoming a full-time life coach, I found Raj. He is wonderful listener, he asks well thought out questions and gives very insightful feedback. In just two sessions I’ve already had some phenomenal perspective shifts. I’m looking forward to continuing our one-on-ones together!

Christian G

Loved every minute talking to Raj. Amazing listener. Gives great insight and feedback. Would recommend for sure!!

Cartier R

Raj has been great! He’s provided such value and assistance to my 13 year old. He’s a great coach and I would recommend him!

More thoughts from clients I've had the pleasure of empowering.

Now Let's empower You and your Team.

Let's unlock unseen potential.

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I can work with your organization in several ways:

• I can work individually with you.

• I can work individually with members of your team.

• I can facilitate small group trainings

• I can hold company wide trainings / seminars.

• I can give general talks on relationship success,

   motivation, resilience, and creativity.

• I can work with your team on specific creative projects.

• I can be your organizational coach on retainer whenever

   a member of your team needs guidance with a struggle, 

   conflict resolution, motivation, or creative insight.

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